Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tunnel of Oppression: PLU taking part in social justice

Every year, PLU organizes an event called Tunnel of Oppression, where different clubs and organizations put together visual displays to show the different types of oppression people go through. Some topics included oppression of people with disabilities, gay men in prison, people who go through poverty, and even the community around PLU.

Though all the topics were very serious and sometimes really shocking, I was really glad that I participated in this event. I felt like I learned a lot about my privilege and how much resources I have available to me. One display that really caught my eye was a video where PLU students first held a banner that said "I'm a poor college student..." and a second slide was played after that which listed things that they had access to such as a roof over their head, $4 coffees, J-term trips, a good education, etc. It was really eye-opening to think about how many things I took for granted, and didn't really think about on a daily basis that a lot of people may not be able to do for different reasons.

Overall, it was a really educational experience. Even those who do not enjoy heavy topics should possibly take a look at it next year. A lot of the issues are everyday things that we might not particularly think about, but are still existent. I definitely learned a lot from it, and I'm sure other PLU students who attended the event did too!

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