Saturday, May 18, 2013

A random post to conclude my spring semester

Dear Friends,

End of semester! Hurray~ It means no more papers and exams. Summer break is time when we get rest and fully charged for the brand new academic year. I am looking forward to it, especially when I am not going back to China. Then it leaves me to plan my summer ON MY OWN! I am so excited!

Before I got too excited, I wanted to write you about what I have been doing since my last blog.

As much as I wanted to elope with an UFO to escape from my religion class, I couldn't. So I accepted that I will have to stick around until I get a grade. Though please don't get me wrong. Despite the fact that medieval Christianity is too foreign to understand, I love the professor. She is so funny! One day she reluctantly promised the class that we would have an outdoor sunny class, so she showed up with a huge umbrella the next day morning. Doesn't she look like Mary Poppins when her little body is under that bow covered thingy?
As a class, we also went to visit an PLU students' "sacred" site, Gum Tree. It is a popular meeting place for students as its location connects the lower campus to the upper campus. We then chewed gum together and formed a giant cross on the tree trunk... our saliva met on the tree trunk, yuk! Haha I didn't mean to disgust you.

I was also working on planning an admission event opened to international students who attend various colleges in the area. We invited them to come and experience life at PLU. It was fortunate that the day turned out to be very beautiful. The campus was lively because most of our lutes were out playing and enjoying the sun. I was glad that the event went very well, and the students enjoyed their stay.

Commercial break. Goofy time :))

To be honest, I personally don't like to bowl, but it was so nice to be able to rest a little and hang out with my lovely roommates on a Friday night.

And today, the last day before our final's week, I decided to take it easy and went to support my friend for her capstone. I am so proud of her.

I apologize for this random, disorganized blog post. My brain does not function very well lately. Hope this letter finds you well. Good luck with your finals if you have any, or enjoy your weekend if you don't.

Love always,


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