Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hi there!

My name is Ann, and I'll be blogging about my college life here in Pacific Lutheran University. As my first post on PLU International Voice, I'll talk a little about myself.

I was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan, came here in the United States about three years ago and got a high school diploma in Connecticut. Now here I am a freshman in Pacific Lutheran University, intend to study in business.

What do I do besides studying in PLU?

Well, besides studying I am a part of Global Student Club. We organize events for international students and also other domestic students to socialize and have fun. I also am in ASPLU (student government in PLU) Entertainment Committee. We organize events for all the students in PLU; we mainly have local artists coming in to our campus and have free concerts.

Other than those that I listed, I hang out with my friends in my dorm room, or I do my hobbies!

Next update will be more about what's going on in campus now!

See you in next week!

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