About Silje

Hello everyone!

My name is Silje Solstad Normann (my first name is pronounced like Celia!) and I am the new Student Intern at the PLU International Student Center. I was born and raised in Stathelle, Norway. My first time in the United States was as an international exchange student in Aurora, Colorado where I finished my senior year of high school. I always knew I was drawn to travel and that I wanted to experience different cultures than what I was used to, but after experiencing the American school spirit, I knew that I wanted to go back. 

At the dock by Ruston Way Waterfront, Tacoma!

I chose PLU specifically because of their amazing business program, as well as the gorgeous campus. It is a fairly small campus compared to what other colleges have to offer, but I personally prefer it that way because I think it has been easier for me to get involved in the campus life and get to know people – essentially, PLU started feeling like home pretty early on, even during a worldwide pandemic with social distancing and online classes. I joined the Women’s Lacrosse club sport in the Spring of 2021, and I am super grateful for how welcoming the environment at PLU is.


My favorite activities outside of school has been to explore around the area; me and a few friends rented electrical scooters and rode around Seattle, explored Pike Place market, the Seattle Space Needle and I still have a lot more to explore of Seattle and Washington in general! I also really enjoy walking around Ruston Way in Tacoma and do homework at the coffee shops by the waterfront.


I am currently a Sophomore doing a double concentration in Marketing and HR & Management, and I am super excited for what PLU has in store for me. I look forward to seeing you on campus! 


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