About Yannik (ex-blogger)

My name is Yannik Ilgert, I am 23 years old and currently in my senior year. As some of you may know, I am originally from Germany. I have been given the great opportunity to study in the United States at our remarkable University! I am majoring in International Finance and I plan to find work in the USA once I graduate.
During my life I have made various experiences with different cultures all around the world by meeting new people. However, PLU has provided me with the opportunity to enrich my knowledge in additional cultures and people I have never imagined before to be possible. Through PLU’s intention to recruit and maintain foreign students at a relatively high capacity, the campus environment offers great diversity for everybody to not just observe, but further engage in!
It becomes obvious what I love about PLU, next to its outstanding academic credentials. However, let me explain myself a little bit further. In my free time I like to stay on top of world news, work out, explore the outdoors, travel, and, of course spend time with my friends and family. I have come to love the Pacific Northwest for all its great opportunities fun and work wise.

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