About Van

This was my first time in Seattle 

Hi! My name is Van Thao Nguyen. I’m an international student from Hanoi, Vietnam, class of 2019. Back in 2014, I left my lovely home country to go to the United States under an exchange program. I was staying with my host family in West Virginia, and attending Doddridge County High School. At first, I missed my friends back in Vietnam a lot, especially when it was my senior year. I was sad. However, after starting to get involved in all kinds of clubs at school, I began to make friends with more students, and ended up with so much fun . Further, for that reason, I feel it is extremely essential to have people by my side to make me perceive that “I belong here”, that I’m welcomed and that they care about me. Luckily, PLU gave me what I need to keep moving forward in life, support and guidance .

I’m currently majoring in Computer Science, and I'm also a member of Club Keithley. In Club Keithley, I registered to be a mentor at Keithley Middle School to help out my cutie mentee, Lille 

In my free time, I like watching Korean dramas and TV shows , playing guitar or hanging out with my friends珞珞珞.

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