About Shunying (ex-blogger)

People call me Shishi, but my real name is Shunying Wang, which has a cool meaning behind in Chinese: a beautiful jade in the Emperor Shun’s hand. Although I doubt that I have lived up to my parents’ expectation, appearance cannot speak for my personalities. I am bubbly and kind!

Let me introduce to you my long journey in America within few sentences, if I can.
In 2009, I spent my senior year at Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, California. After that, I successfully got accepted to Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington. I had a fantastic time there and bonded with many people. Finally, I have become a student in Pacific Lutheran University, with a Communication major and a sophomore standing. 

I consider my life as a colorful, happy play. I try to perform the best I can. Fun fact: I have been told many times how silly I am, but let’s look at this in a positive way: silly people are fun to be around with.

It is difficult to say what I do in my spare time as it varies. I do whatever comes to mind. Maybe this is the reason why I get distracted so easily. I love watching scary movies with many others, visiting friends, hiking, baking, cooking, cleaning (OCD perhaps), laughing, and annoying animals.

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