About Shanna

Hello everyone!!

My name is Shanna Postlewait and I am not an
international student.  I was born and raised in
a wee town on the east side of Washington
called Walla Walla: a town so nice they named it twice.

So here is the basic layout of myself.  I am currently working as the International Student Services Administrative Intern (Wooo what a mouth full), I am also double majoring in Hispanic studies and English Literature and I am the president of The Mark: a writing club.  So if you see a zombie on campus please do not be alarmed as it is most likely my lovely energy-drained-self.

Now you may be wondering what a native like myself is doing in ISS.  Well I am glad you asked!  (No seriously though I wanted an excuse to show off this photo)
A store front in el Calle de Arte in Granada, Spain

I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in the spring of 2016 in Granada, Spain.  I now have a Spanish family that I call my own and many friends who I left across the big pond.

So even though I have never been a foreigner in the U.S I definitely know and have experienced the whirlpool of emotions that come with big adventures like these.

Speaking of adventures, this is also my last year as an undergraduate.  That's right after this I will be forcefully shoved into the responsibility-filled adult world. (Sorry I have a taste for the dramatic)  And even though I am a bit nervous I can't wait to start yet another new and exciting phase in my life!

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