About Loana (ex-blogger)

My name is Loana, and I'm an international student from Japan. I graduated high school in 2012 from Christian Academy in Japan (an international school in Tokyo), and I will graduate from PLU in January of 2015. I've grown up in Japan my whole life, but I've been traveling to the U.S. (California state and Guam), Australia, India, Singapore, and Thailand. I'm half Japanese; my mom's from Japan and my dad's from India. My background and education has impacted me a lot, and I'm really curious and interested about different cultures.

I'm currently majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology. I also play music at PLU, and I'm in the concert band and saxophone quartet.

In my spare time I love watching movies, TV shows (I'm currently addicted to New Girl and Grimm), going for a run, eating different kinds of food, hanging out with friends, shopping, and practicing my saxophone, and weight lifting. It's really great to live in this area because it takes less 2 hours to get to Seattle!

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