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Hi Everyone! My name is Kiki van Essen and I am an international student from the Netherlands. I started at Green River in Spring semester 2016 and hope to graduate in Fall 2017 with my bachelors degree in Communications.

I came to PLU after attending Green River College, a community college half an hour away from PLU. There I got my associates degree and transferred to PLU to finish my last two years of my bachelors. I originally started my US journey as a GAP-year student (just for a year to explore my options in what to study), but ended up enjoying the US learning style, the small class sizes, the ways in which students get assessed on their knowledge, and being an exception on other students in the Netherlands.
My journey abroad has made me aware of the importance of international education, and how valuable it is to have friends all over the world. Therefore I would like to pursue a career that either focuses on international trade, marketing and relations, or in education with a focus on internationalizing education in the Netherlands.

I enjoy spending time with my friends, going on a hike, cooking, trying new food (you won't get me to try fish, but I've tried chicken feet, and I can tell you, I'll never try it again! ;-) ) and traveling. My last trip was this winter, back to the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden (Where I got to take a selfie with a reindeer), Switzerland and France.

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