About Harald

Hi Fellow International Lutes!

My name is Harald-Ferdinand A. Overå and I am a new international admissions intern from Norway. This is my sophomore year at PLU and I will be working with Scandinavian students while also assisting on the ongoings of International Student Services (ISS).

I am studying Business currently at PLU and in my spare time I like to be involved in clubs on campus, play intramural sports and travel with friends.

I am a business student because I think the knowledge is valuable in all settings. Having that degree gives you an incredible opportunity to live around the world, work and improve the lives of others. I strongly believe that if businesses can protect their resources and sustain the earth we live on the world will be a good place to be. PLU teaches me the ins and outs of business and of how to work with this in a global sustainable environment.

One activity I really enjoy on campus is my biweekly Norwegian lessons with the Scandinavian Cultural Center on campus. The events are called «Conversation Hour with Harald» where we discuss inquiries about Norway and meet for an hour as a group. We drink coffee, explore Norwegian treats and we are intergenerational conversationalists. For me this has been a great experience since I started it in January and is something I really like to do on campus.

One of the things I really enjoy about it is the opportunity to connect the culture I am from to the culture I am living in now. PLU gives great opportunities to mix your culture with the American culture and the culture of other international students.

I have been trying to travel and do some fun things outside of campus whenever I have time. From hiking to biking or kayaking, the Pacific Northwest gives amazing opportunities for outdoor activities. Some of the highlights of my travels has been Zion National Park in Utah, Garibaldi Lake in British Columbia and driving down Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. For me I really like to surround myself with like-minded international people who want to explore the world. I am a very curious person and I want to get to know the world better through friends and adventure.

For me, working with ISS gives me a wonderful opportunity to provide new students with great experiences and be their "welcoming committee» to PLU and to the world that awaits as a Lute. I am loving every minute of the Lute life and I am excited to do my best to help others feel the same way.

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