About Henry (ex-blogger)

Hello all,

My name is Henry and I am currently a Nursing Student at PLU. I am half Vietnamese and half Chinese, and it is great to have both cultures influence the way I learn things and live my life.

I came to the U.S as an exchange student in my sophomore year in high school. I graduated from an IB high school in Idaho in 2009 and moved to Washington immediately after. I attended Highline Community College and got my Associate Degree in Pre-Nursing in 2011. I am currently in my Senior year here at PLU and I will graduate in May 2014 with the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

I love the Pacific Northwest and I am a big time Seattleite. I love everything about Seattle, from the rainy weather, to Starbucks coffee, to the urban downtown lifestyle. After college, I would love to move to downtown Seattle and work at a local hospital. 

I love music, hiking and books. I'm a big-time Harry Potter fan.

I am here to share my life experience with you and hope to learn more about you as well.

From my little desk filled with hot coffee and textbooks,


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